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Cure Your Acne with Home Remedies

Spots typically are not something anybody wants to have to cope with. It really is just the simple truth. Terrible skin is shameful--it makes no difference how old we are or if that awful skin has just a zit or two or is covered in extensive acne. Acne particularly can plague us for far longer than we had planned when we were teenagers entering adolescence. We commit years slathering ourselves with every single chemical and acne fighter we can discover. But what if you could help your skin without forcing all of those toxic chemicals onto it? There are numerous naturally occurring acne treatments that can help you out quite a bit. Take a look.

A lot of people think Aloe Vera is just for burn relief. The reason being it's very calming and helpful in drawing out the heat of a sunburn or even a typical burn. Do you know you can also use it on your pimples? Aloe is loaded with polysaccharides which help accelerate the skin's process of healing. Aloe doesn't care how an injury was brought about. Acne or burn, aloe vera has proven quite helpful. Tear open a leaf and put the watery gel from the inside of it on to the spot that is affected. You're going to notice a decrease in redness and swelling almost immediately!

You have likely heard that putting cucumber slices on your eyes can help cut down on swelling. Cucumber is also great for the treatment of acne by natural means. It will help keep your skin hydrated and pumps it full of vitamins. The best way to use cucumber to cure acne is to make a cucumber mask (you can find plenty of recipes online) and use it twice each week. You're surely going to notice a big difference to your skin quality and tone. This mask also can help make your skin much better at dealing with acne breakouts.

Strawberries are great zit fighters. Salicylic acid is a common component in many acne fighters, specially those intended to fight severe acne. Strawberries are a great all-natural source of salicylic acid. Also, they are rich in other minerals and vitamins that can help combat against acne. You may either put sliced strawberries right onto the areas of your skin that are a problem (like a zit beginning to show up) or you can create a strawberry mask by smashing up strawberries and adding some cream. Wear the mask for twenty or so minutes and then rinse it off with clean water. Your skin will certainly be grateful for it.

Potato juice may be used to treat pimples. Potatoes are made up mostly of water but when that water comes out of the potato it isn't just plain H20. It is water infused with the nutrients of the potato. The higher concentrations of sulfur, phosphorous, chlorine, potassium are all quite useful in minimizing acne scars. The juice is obtainable by pressing sliced pieces of potato or just putting the sliced pieces right on to your skin.

There are all sorts of wonderful and natural home remedies for zits. Why would you allow acne to plague your skin and embarrass you when you have all these other options available to help you clear it up?

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